Thursday, March 1, 2012

7.17 - A Secret Too Far

The fae realm went on as far as the eye could see, but the land portion itself was shaped into the form of a butterfly. Mother Gaia did create it in her early youth after all, while she was still in the phase of all things “cute”.

The island itself had a certain... otherworldly charm to it. 

With impossible trees and strange glowing grass.

But Paris isn’t here for the scenery. She’s here to see her mother. 

Before the pleasantries can begin Paris tells her mom about Derrick’s passing, and everything else thats been going on. Kenzie already knows.

And then reminds her daughter that she has a very... unique way of dealing with grief. (Ignore it until it goes away!)

Paris isn’t so sure how to react to her now teenage sister, but Vienna is a friendly little creature, and makes her older sister feel at ease soon enough.

Briar feels a little weird about all these crazy women he’s apparently related to. At least back home he has uncle Teddy and Aolani to make him feel normal.

Vienna is a LOT taller than him, and its sort of weird to know that she’s magic like him, but not really like him.

She tries to explain the difference in their abilities but fails miserably as soon as he asks what a succubus is.

So she takes him to the island’s only park. 

While she cooks...

Briar plays by himself. There aren’t many locals around but Vienna says thats normal. Briar and his mother and quite clearly outsiders so most fae will be keeping their distance from him.

That said not all fae are hesitant about humans. 

Briar thinks she’s really cool and asks all sorts of questions about what she is, who she is, and tells her that he thinks she’s really cool.

Her name is Cashmere, her mom’s a were-cat with like a bajillion kids (okay... 30) and she wants him to know that he’s cool too. And not at all scary. Will he really eat her in one bite like her big brother Shimmer says (Or was it his twin Glitter)?

“Eat you? Why would I ever want to eat you?”
“What, am I not good enough for your prey?” Cashmere asks, eyes glowering. “Well screw you! I may be a girl but I can still fight! I have CLAWS you know! You don’t have to take pity on me cause I’m little!”

“I don’t want to eat you cause thats gross... you’ve got a face. I could never eat something with a face. I’m a vegetarian!”
“... Oh.”

“I sowwy.”

Even after she leaves for home Briar can’t stop thinking about her. The fae are actually kind of cool. Cashmere was really funny... if not just a little weird. 

Vienna’s pretty sure her nephew just bit off more than he can chew. She knows Cashmere’s family well (She’s dating number 8, Silk) and she’s quite confident this won’t be the last time Briar’’ll see the little were-cat. 

While teleporting back home Paris feels a force different from Neptune’s pulling her away from her son. She opens her eyes in shock to see a very familiar looking woman. “G-Ginger?”

“No.” The elderly dryad responds. “My name is Naria. Ginger was my daughter.”
Paris gets a sinking feeling in her stomach. “Was?”
“She is dead now. Took her own life not long after she let you go. I felt my grandson’s presence and needed to take a look at the woman my daughter fell so in love with.”

“I’m uh... sorry? I didn’t know- I mean I can’t believe...” Her voice trails off as Naria’s words finally sink in. “Oh my Watcher... did she really? I’m so sorry... I thought she was disgusted by me. She told me she never wanted to see me again.”

Naria’s face falls. “I don’t blame you, dear. I wanted to at first, but my daughter’s decision was her own. She’s lost so many lovers, and every time I had to help patch her back up. When she lost her children in each pregnancy I was so sure I’d lose her, but then she met you and I had hope... now I see that it was all borrowed time. I wish she had met her beautiful son, but she had happiness with you. And for that I thank you.” 

Teddy almost has a heart attack when Paris just appears next to him. But then her tears start and almost automatically his arms are around her and her tears are soaking his shirt. They’ve done this so many times before. 

She tells him what happened. Who Briar’s mother is, what she is, and what she did. 
Teddy makes the mistake of saying: “I know how she must have felt.”

Wait. What?

“You remember Cecilia McKinley-Smith, right?”
Paris doesn’t but he refreshes her memory. “Okay... what about her?”
“Her dad found her unconscious in bed last night after we... you know and when they got her to the hospital they said she was in a coma, and they dunno if she'll ever come out of it. We only slept together once but... but I don’t know. Maybe because she was a vampire? They don’t have souls anyway, right?”

“So then you’re...”
“I was thinking about it, yeah.” Teddy admits. “It just feels like the only right thing to do anymore. The triplets will be teens soon enough, and they’re strong. Briar’s old enough to watch himself and you’ll be alright without me. So why should I keep hurting people like this? I can't live with the knowledge that I keep hurting everyone around me” 

Paris can’t believe what she’s hearing. 
“You’re disgusting!” She cries out. “The triplets are CHILDREN! They’ve already lost their mother, their pseudo grandfather, would you take their father away too? And you KNOW I’m not strong enough! I’d be lost without you and you know it!"

“I swear to the Watcher, Teddy, if you ever even THINK about hurting yourself again you’ll regret it. I know you don’t have the balls to actually go through with it, and I know a hundred ways to make you wish you had. Don’t test me. Not like this.”


Sorry for the insanely late update, but I blame friends. Fully. (Well that and I felt like shit all day today)

The Fae island is Bakasims' Avalon - Builder Version. One of my faovourites and quite popular. I love it. <3 

Not trying to make a political commentary or statement on suicide. I have strong opinions on it, and they are NOT positive. Its all I'm saying. Ginger's suicide was just necessary for the plot. 

Cashmere's a cutie.


  1. Nice :D love cashmere :P but you knew that :D

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  2. Men, sometimes they are so dumb! :) Though I guess it had the right effect, it got Paris' mind off of mourning for a bit.

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