Sunday, March 4, 2012

7.18 - Minor Modifications

For a brief time, Briar and Aurora are the same age. 

But then the triplets’ birthday arrives.



And Aolani.

Briar remains a child.

Aurora remains his childish best friend.

Teddy doesn’t forgive Paris for her shouting match with his face after he told her about Cecilia’s coma... but he admits that she has her points. His kids are still babies, just babies in teenage bodies. Aolani is unstable and has shouting matches with nothing just like his mother used to, Aviva is sullen and seems to hate everything in the world, and Aurora is always either in her books or refusing to grow up. Yes... they need their father.

Its during Aurora’s driving lessons that Teddy learns she isn’t as childish as he’d initially assumed. Or at least not when it comes to physical matters.

“So I need a nose job.”
Teddy can’t believe his ears. “Excuse me? Why?”
“Because confidence is based on what you see in the mirror and I don’t like it! All the girls at school are already in love with Aolani, and Aviva’s nose is so nice! I don’t even care about my lips or anything else but... please, daddy? It would mean the world to me.”

Teddy knows he should say no. That this is some dumb teenage insecurity thing... but this is his little girl asking him for something. His lips simply refuse to form the word “no” and the best he can do is give the smallest of nods, biting his tongue until it literally bleeds in his mouth. 

Pre nose job.

Post nose job. (Honestly all I did was fix the lower part of her nose that made the central bridge hang out from underneath her nostrils. It isn't so noticible in photos but it was driving me CRAZY in CAS and in game. O_O)

This whole thing has left Teddy with a bad taste in his mouth.

But if this is what Aurora really wanted he’ll keep his mouth shut. She does look happier. 

With age, the triplets have all gained very specific hobbies and future goals. Aolani has grown fond of chest and all things logical (most likely thanks to Paris’ influence) and wants to be a surgeon just like grandpa Derrick was. 

Aviva’s painting is still going strong.

As is Aurora’s writing. Although now she’s gone from fiction to non-fiction. There’re so many fascinating things going on in this town and the world around her. Why bother with making stories up when life is getting more like fiction each day?

Prom is announced for Thursday and while his sisters are content with going solo, Aolani has different plans... and her name is Caroline Sabo-Mossier. Can’t remember whom she’s descended from but I think Jessica and Layton are a safe bet. Caroline and Aolani were close friends as children and that doesn’t change now that they’re teens. (Oh and she inherited the Mossier nose... poor thing.)

Briar finds out his birthday is the same day as prom. So he can go! Yay!

Time to blow out the candles!

He gains the hopeless romantic trait.

And with that they’re all off to prom. Not much happens, really. Aviva is voted prom queen, with Aolani as her king. Aolani and Caroline also decide to start dating. 
Oh and Aurora and Briar kiss during a slow song, but thats totally not important. Not at all.


Okay so if you follow the MTS forums you'll probably know by now that SP threw me for a loop after I posted last chapter that Cecilia had died. When I finally went to kill her off I found out she was pregnant with Teddy's baby... and I couldn't help myself. So she's staying alive, and Teddy will find out about the baby later. Not right now. I just edited the last chapter.

Also sorry to Heaven for changing Aurora's nose but if she's going to be breeding into my legacy I refuse to let that nose pass on any longer. Oh was that a spoiler? Oops.

Please accept this picture of naked Teddy playing the electric guitar outdoors as my apology.


  1. Hahahah! Was that a Uvie nose? I'm having breeding problems of my own. Good Lord knows what will happen as these crazy kids age. I personally find Aviva the prettiest I think, though Briar is quite adorable as well.

  2. Lol you just had to top my "Ryan's Sculpting in the Garden Perks" picture didn't you??? :D

    What's up with all those sims wanting to do their hobbies naked outside!

    I like Briar the best :D but I might be biased :D

  3. All of the kids are beautiful....I can't pick a favorite and you can't make me. =D Can't wait to see Teddy's reaction that he is going to be a father...again! Oh and lol at his face when Aurora asked for a nose job. Priceless.

  4. Aurora is very beautiful, the rest are good looking too but I like Aurora best