Saturday, March 10, 2012

8.1 - Brand New Life

Well being Starlight Shores newest resident had never been on Briar’s to-do list. That’s why he’d hidden his agent’s proposal from his new wife, knowing she’d manage to talk him into the move.

Oh that’s right. I forgot to mention he’s married now. Straight of of high school, actually. It was quite the scandal for this rising celebrity. 

A bigger scandal was the birth of his daughter, Melody, when her parents were only teenagers. She may not have been the only reason for her parents’ marriage, but she was one of the big ones. 
(And yes. She does have the Sabo eyes)

Another reason for their quickie marriage was Cashmere’s constant drive to be famous. They’d run into each other as teens at the wedding between Vienna and Silk. They’d recognized each other from their short playdate as children, and shared some laughs. Then he’d made the mistake of asking her to visit the mortal world where he lived. 
Her entire life has been spent in the shadow of her 12 older siblings, and here everyone was taking photos of her just because she and Briar had been seen flirting together.

Were they in love? Was it a good marriage? Briar had no idea, and he’d never had much of a good example growing up. His own mother was practically a celibate nun and never spoke of his father. For all he knew his birth was via miraculous conception. And his Uncle Teddy had spent most of Briar’s life pining over his deceased wife only to remarry a few days before Briar himself to a woman who had spent years in a coma! Thats messed up, man!

Nonetheless, Briar figured his marriage was “good enough”. He and Cashy got along and they were attractive enough to appeal to the youth market. 
Eventually Cashmere had found out about Briar’s job offer from Starlight Shores. She’d been mad at first, but - as he’d assumed - she was able to convince him to give the move a shot. So here they were. Standing outside the most expensive home they could afford, completely alone with no family or friends nearby.

Okay so that wasn’t completely true. Briar’s Uncle Teddy had moved here a few days ago, and lived just down the street.

As did his uncle’s family. His teenage son, Brannon, and his new wife Cecilia who was now a human. For years Cecilia had been in a coma until Paris had come up with a possible fix. A mixture of life fruit and the cure for vampirism. It had brought her back to the world of the living in only minutes.

Of course she hadn’t been quite ready to jump into a relationship after that, but Teddy was there for her every day walking her through all that she’d missed, even acting as a mediator between her and her son. It wasn’t until she was expecting their second child that she’d agreed to marriage. 
Their little Alexandra was the same age as Briar’s own daughter. 

Briar also had his sort-of-cousin Aviva. 

She’d moved her with her father after graduation, then married another local vampire named Sebastian. Her brother Aolani had married his high school sweetheart, Caroline and still lived in Meadow Glenn. Their third sister, Aurora... well Briar didn’t like thinking about her. He hadn’t spoken to her since Cashmere had announced her pregnancy. She’d moved out the same night to live with her grandparents. 

But anyway, Briar was here for work, not pleasantries (although Starlight Shores seemed to have plenty of that second one). 

Cashmere isn’t some sort of horrible person, really! She loves her daughter like you can’t imagine. 

But Cashmere was determined not to turn into her own mother. She wasn’t about to give up her entire life to pop out baby after baby and raise them without help. No, she had her sights set on a career... as a famous actress. Besides, Briar was a great guy and deserved just as great a wife. If she just stayed home and spent his money everyone would call her a gold digger!

Their first night out on the town (with Melody home with a babysitter) was interrupted constantly by curious bystanders who recognized the young couple. 

Not to say they didn’t get to spend SOME time together.

And of course spend some time on the karaoke machine. Singing overly sappy love duets together. 

And then life fell into a routine. 
While Cashmere was at the local film studio working, Briar would stay with Melody. When Cashmere got home he’d run off to work and she’d stay with the baby.

Well, not counting those few moments in between their respective work schedules where they’d sneak in a few kisses or save time by sharing a shower. (Not that that last one ever really did save time)
So was it any wonder when Cashmere announced her second pregnancy?

Aaaand the game issues are back! It literally took me... 4 hours irl to play through three days of Starlight Shores. Luckily there hasn’t been any more crashing just a LOT of freezing. To test it out I switched over to my Evans Legacy and... a bit of lag, but nothing even CLOSE to this save. And its brand friggin new! *Sigh* I’m honestly just heartbroken right now and I don’t know what I can do anymore. 
I’m really considering just starting a new legacy altogether... with Alexandra Starr and Melody Sabo as my founders >_>. Because I kind of sort of fell madly in love with them both. 
I’d love to hear your opinions. If I can find a way to fix my legacy game I’ll of course continue it. But I really don’t see that happening. I’ve been having major problems for the last two weeks and kept trying to play it one day at a time, but this is just getting ridiculous. 


  1. No matter what you do, I will follow. I hope you can figure out a way to save it but, at the same time, when the lag gets bad enough, sometimes it is just best to recognize and cut your losses. You'll keep me as a follower regardless.

  2. Since I see many chapter updates, I'm assuming all was fixed. YAAAY! And I agree with Heaven. I will gladly follow any and all legacies that you do. =]

    Also, you have no idea how happy I am that you moved Teddy to SS! I'm not ready to let him go yet.