Friday, March 23, 2012

8.10 - Too Far Gone

Lyric has the most active imagination and constantly begs his sisters to play with him. He has all these ideas in his mind and NEEDS to see them played out in front of him.

Melisma is always too shy to ask if he can play what she wants to. 

Dolce knows how to get what she wants. Especially when it comes to their daddy. 

Harmony also knew how to get what she wanted. Unfortunately Melisma tended to be on the receiving end of all that competitiveness. 

Cadence just kept out of everyone’s way and kept to her art. 

With the youngsters all children Aurora and Briar finally have time to breath again. 

They don’t so much breath as they do... yeah. 

Aria’s birthday is forgotten by all but her. 

She’s not too happy about that... but its fine. 

Don’t get mad. Get even. 

Especially in Aurora’s washroom.

But she doesn’t stop at pranks. Her next target is the house where Aurora’s dad and step-mom live. And Aria’s armed with eggs. LOTS of eggs.

Cecilia is not amused. 

Aria doesn’t even know who this house belongs to.

But damn that was fun.

Unfortunately it seems that last house belonged to someone who recognized her dark green hair. And when she arrives back home (at just past midnight) daddy is waiting. And he’s pissed. 

“What were you thinking? You almost burned down Doctor Best’s house! She was even thinking of pressing charges and I was barely able to talk some sense into her!”
“Watcher! Daddy it was just a stupid prank. She’s just a cranky old hag-”

His temper cracks again. “She delivered you! Don’t talk about her like that! Now go pack your things, the taxi will be here in the morning.”
“Rora and I are sending you to military school. She’s right, maybe THIS will get you to behave. If I’d listened to her when you were a child maybe you’d be a good little girl by now.”

“So this was Aurora’s idea?”
Briar nods. “She brought it up when you were going through your pranking phase.”
Aria just scoffs. “No wonder mom left. You’re pathetic.”

Briar wishes his daughters wouldn’t say that to his face... but he’s starting to believe it himself. 

Melody invites her best friend over after school one evening to complain about her dad’s latest dumb decision. 

Alexandra however has her own problems. 

“But... I thought Fernando was gay! I didn’t even know you two were dating let alone... uh... you know.”

“Well he certainly wasn’t gay that night... and we’re not dating. It was just a one night thing and it was so stupid. Mom’s a little mad at me but at least she and dad took it better than I thought they would. Only a little yelling. But they are making me tell Fernando. So that’s going to be awkward. ”

Melody promises to have her cell phone on hand all week, just in case Fernando doesn’t take the news well and needs to be taught a lesson in manners. 

Its too early to know the baby’s gender but Alexandra is hoping for a little girl. She wants Melody to be the baby’s aunt and Melody is absolutely thrilled. She’s already decided to never marry or have children. Men are all pathetic cheating bastards who are never happy with what they have. Why would she bother letting herself get hurt like that?


Well here's a spoiler. Alexandra will be Melody's help for the founding generation of my next legacy and she won't have a toddler age child with her in that story. ^^ But that's all I'm saying. 

I love Aria. SO much.


  1. I already guessed Alexandria would be the help! But I'm kind of hesitant to guess what you will do with the baby.....

    Poor aria though, you have a knack for writing stupid man :p

  2. Firstly, I love Aria's hair. Secondly, Aurora is a bitch. Thirdy, Briar needs to man up because Aria is right, he's pathetic. And Lastly, Melody has totally been ruined for guys thanks to her cheating Father. Good lord the drama! I love it though. XD

  3. Oh wow Briar, way to make your kids hate you! And Aurora should stay way out of how he deals with his and Cashmere's kids

  4. Briar is a tool. He's like the father in all the fairytales where the evil stepmother comes in and fucks with the kids while he just stands by, thumbs up his ass...You can see why Melody would develop a low opinion of men in general. Her father really is pathetic.
    I love Aria, too.

  5. Well actually this is the last we've seen of Aria in the Sabo Legacy... perhaps not the next one though.