Saturday, March 24, 2012

8.11 - A Second Chance

Paris will never be as gifted musically as Teddy or her son, but she knows how to play enough to entertain the children with some old kiddie songs. 

Unfortunately Paris never did return to her chemistry after moving to Starlight Shores. If she had perhaps death wouldn’t have come so early. Only days after her 90th birthday.

The kids don’t take it well. At all.

Paris’ death hits Briar like a wave of emotion and all the tears he’s been holding back since Cashmere left him just come out. 

“I’m glad you’re here with me.” He says honestly, but not quite feeling the happiness he should be. “I don’t know what I’d do if I were alone right now.”

“You just lost your mom, Briar. I’m not going anywhere. I wish you’d accept that.”
He smiles at that, taking her hands in his. “I know that. And I guess you’re right, as usual. I’ve been fooling myself into thinking Cashmere will just come back into my life like she never left. It’s time I moved on.”

“What are you saying?”
He smiles at her awestruck expression as he steps back, lowering himself onto one knee, a small box in hand. “Aurora Starr, will you marry me?”

She says yes, of course.

They set the wedding date for a few days later. Melody wishes the house would get hit by a meteor right about now.

Briar calls the military school he sent Aria to, to make sure she’s given time off so she can be here for the wedding. 

Instead he learns she never even arrived. His daughter’s been missing for days and no one had the sense of mind to inform him. 

Fernando Best invites Melody over one afternoon, the day after Alexandra was released from the hospital. She'd talked to Fernando on the phone the day after she'd told Melody about her pregnancy. Apparently the call itself went fine but when Alex's parents had arrived home they'd found Alex at the bottom of the stairs with a broken arm, and at the hospital they'd found out the baby hadn't survived the fall. 

Alexandra was always the most graceful person Melody ever knew. She didn't believe for a moment that Alex's fall was accidental, and went home with Fernando to find out just what had happened on the phone. 

He knows Melody has the skills to kill him and hide his body where no one will ever find it. So he wanted to be able to tell her in a safe environment that he did NOT break up with Alexandra over the phone. He’d promised to be there for her and the baby, but he just wasn’t going to give up his life to get married as a teenager. He was going to be a doctor, damn it!

Melody wants to beat him up, but Fernando’s dad is a cop, and sitting in the next room. So he escapes harm... this time. Plus if Fernando gets beat up people will think Alex asked Melody to do it, and the poor kid doesn’t need any more shunning from her classmates. 

With everything thats been going on in their family, Briar and Aurora opt for a private wedding. Aurora’s own parents might not even be able to make it. They found Alexandra unconscious the previous day and most likely won’t be out of the hospital until tomorrow or so. They don’t even know what happened. 
Briar just hopes nothing else goes wrong today.

He never has been that lucky.

“So you’re really going to marry her?”
They haven’t spoken since the twins were toddlers, but he can hear the hurt in her voice, and it feels like the wound in his heart has been stabbed all over again. “I think so, yes.”
“You think so?”
He hadn’t even realized he’d said that. “It just feels like the right thing to do. Plus its what she wants so why shouldn’t I?”

“Why shouldn’t you?” Cashmere repeats, anger rising. “Briar she HATES our children! Do you have any idea how many times Melody has come to me crying her eyes out? Have you even seen how she gives the triplets everything and practically ignores our twins?”
He says nothing. He doesn’t even know how she knows this when he’s barely noticed it himself.
“And what about Aria, Briar? Whose idea was it to send such a strong headed young girl to the airport in a taxi and trust her to go to the one place she didn’t want to go?”

He sighs. “Cashmere I don’t know what to do. I just can’t say no to her... what if she leaves me?”
“You moved on just fine when I left you.”
He turns to look at her, smiling softly. “You really think that? Cashy, I’ve been heartbroken ever since you left. The only thing keeping me going was knowing that our children needed me. The only thing keeping me from kicking Aurora out after you left was the fear of being left to raise all of the children on my own! I don’t really want to marry her, but I don’t want to be alone either.”
She doesn’t want to look at him anymore, but she can’t move. “Briar just... you need to learn what you want, and then you need to do whatever needs to be done to get it. You have to stop letting her push you around, no matter the possible downfalls. You won’t ever be happy if you don’t get a backbone.” 

She disappears as quickly as she came, leaving Briar to wonder if she’d even been there at all. But he knew one thing... he had to know if what she’d said about Aurora was true. 

He found her downstairs, already dressed and having a snack before the wedding. The kids were all upstairs dressed in their best clothing and playing together, waiting to be called downstairs for the ceremony. 
He takes a seat beside her. “So uh, Harmony is a little hungry. Should we let them eat before the ceremony?”

Aurora sighs, looking down at her pie with contempt. “Didn’t she eat at school? I’m sure one more hour won’t kill her.”

Okay. Ouch. But maybe she’s just having a stressful day. 
“Oh wait, Harmony has the braid. Dolce’s the one with your wave, right? It must have been her who was hungry. I really can’t tell them apart sometimes.”

Again, Aurora sighs. “Harmony looks like your ex-wife. Dolce looks like me. They’re nothing alike.” She stood up before Briar could say anything further. “Call them downstairs, I’ll grab some leftovers from last night for a quick snack before the ceremony.”

Instead Briar rises to meet her. “You really do treat them differently, don’t you.”
She looks confused. “Excuse me?”
“My children by Cashmere.” He explains. “Aria always complained about you, but I thought she was just being rude, and Harmony and Lyric don’t realize that you’re not their mother. Even Melody hinted that you were unfair to them but I didn’t want to believe it.”

She steps back as if in disgust. “You spoke to Cashmere, didn’t you. What lies did that bitch tell you?”

“I have talked with Cashmere.” He admits. “And she told me to do what made ME happy, and I realize now that... that doesn’t include you. I thought this would be hard but honestly I feel nothing.”

Aurora recoils in disgust. “Are you... breaking up with me?”
“Yes.” He admits. “I am. This hasn’t been working out and if I married you I’d never forgive myself. I want you out of the house by nightfall.”

“What about our daughters?”
Even that stirs nothing in him. No desire to keep her close any longer. “They’ll be alright with just me. My job brings in a higher income than yours does, I actually own this house, I’m home most evenings, and Melody can watch them when I have to put shows on. If you want them you can see me in court.”

She just scoffs. “Forget it. You can keep them.”


Briar gets a backbone! Finally! Let's see if its too little too late.

Story > Rules. ALWAYS. 'Sides, he had kids by her and they were "boyfriend/girlfriend" ever since his break-up with Cashy. It counts in my books >_>

I really did TRY to get Alex into a scene for this chapter, my plan was to have her in tears telling Melody about her accident and what had happened, but she didn't want to behave. 

Please please please don't let my game issues continue on to my next legacy. I beg you random legacy gods. Let me have this break!


  1. Could you just please kill Aurora? I'd REALLY enjoy reading about her tragic, painful death. Just saying. So...Alex threw herself down some stairs so she wouldn't have to raise the baby on her own? O_O I sure do have a lot of curse words and things I would like to hit her in the face for doing that. ANYWAYS...It was nice seeing Cashmere again. And I hope Aria is on some tropical island paradise somewhere. =] I'm glad Birar grew a spine...thought he is still on my shit list.

  2. I can confirm that yes, Aria is in fact on some tropical island paradise somewhere right now.

  3. Good for Aria, then!
    And I'm glad Briar FINALLY grew a pair. (I almost said a quad, but this isn't Mass Effect, lol)
    I agree with Jess, Aurora dying in a fire would be nice. =D
    you know, the rules don't explicitly state that your heir has to stay in the couple relationship forever. I guess that's kind of assumed, but there's room for interpretation.

  4. First of all, Aurora, you're stupid. When a man proposes, the last thing he says before he kneels should not be off his ex-wife and how he should 'probably' move on. You were an idiot for saying yes.

    Secondly,'s about damn time. It sucks that it took losing so much to make him realize it but, I suppose, better late than never. Even if he doesn't manage to fix things at least he can die knowing that he finally sprouted a pair.