Monday, March 26, 2012

8.12 - We Could Go Away Together

Life actually proceeds smoothly after the cancelled wedding. True to his word, Briar is there as often as he can be, and makes arrangements for the children to never be home alone. 

On the day when Briar absolutely couldn’t miss work and Mel absolutely needed to be at prom or out with her friends, Cashmere finally has the chance to meet the children she hasn’t seen since their toddler birthday.

The really do look just like her. And both are so excited when they realize their birth mother has their same eyes. 

Cashmere can’t even hold back her tears as she hugs them both. She’d lost hope of ever getting to know them long ago. This is like a dream come true for her. 

Not to say she ignores the triplets. She’s a bit hesitant to interact with them, but they’re not their mother. They have Aurora’s genetics but they’re just children and shouldn’t be treated differently because of it. 

She knows she’s won the girls over when Cadence the little loner tugs on her arm and asks for help with her homework. 

However once Briar is home from work every night she always turns down his request to stay the night. She has her own home and every night thats where she goes to sleep.

But she’s there for the youngsters’ mass birthday. 

Fair natured Dolce inherits athletic inclination. 

Attention whore Lyric embraces his inner artist as a savvy sculptor. 

Cadence remains much the same, she even retains the “constantly stoned” look.

Melisma is as lovely and quiet as ever. (Water note: The Asian culture trait ran dry during Jacob's generation. How the heck have Traxius' eyes remained in game this long?!)

Musical Harmony finally realizes how over-the-top her family is and becomes a loner. 

The first thing Lyric does is beg his mother for driving lessons. 

Cashmere regrets saying yes as soon as Lyric starts asking the dreaded “So why don’t you live with us.” question. 

The green haired girls partake in a rousing game of pool.

Cadence prefers their actual pool.

When Melody’s birthday arrives she finds that her parents have organized a party for herself and Alexandra. 

For the first time in a while Melody isn’t faking her party smile.

She becomes a beautiful young lady. 

As does Alexandra.

Cashmere and Briar are both in shock that their oldest daughter is already an adult. And such a beautiful one too.

As the party winds down Melody takes a seat next to Alexandra. Ever since her accident Alexandra hasn’t really had the energy to do much and likes nothing more than veg-ing out in front of the TV. Today its even worse seeing as her father died the night prior. 

Alexandra breaks her silence once they’re alone in the room. “You know only mom, Aolani and I came to dad’s funeral? Not even Brannon showed up!”
Melody was aware of that, yes. “I would have thought at least Aviva-”
“Aviva has an excuse.” Alexandra admits. “She and her husband just moved to this island off the coast and it would be ridiculous for them to make the trip only hours after they arrived. But still. I just don’t like this town. It changes people, makes them horrible. I don’t want to live here anymore.”

Melody smiles to herself as Alex talks. “Yeah, I know what you mean. But where would you even go?”

“Morikipo, of course! Viva says there are SO many beautiful homes there, and cheap too. The population is small, and the people seem friendly enough. I think I would really love living there... I just wish you’d go with me.”

Melody isn’t sure if thats what she wants. When Aurora still lived here she would have jumped at the chance to leave with Alex, but now everything feels better, normal even. 
“That’s a big decision to make, Alex, I’ll need some time. Give me a couple days?”

She heads outside to ask her parents for their opinion on the matter, and finds them in a private conversation. 

An intimate private conversation. Somehow the sight of them kissing makes Melody feel sick, as if everything she and Aria had to go through was for absolutely nothing. 

She’s never been a vindictive girl but right now she sort of wishes her dad would get hit by a falling space rock or something. 

She’s made her decision. She doesn’t want to be part of this soap opera family for even a moment longer. 
“Hey, Alex? How soon can we leave?”


And thus we have come to the end of the Sabo Legacy. Melody's story will be continued on in the Sari Legacy. (Click the name to be taken to the new blog)

First chapter should be up by Friday. Saturday the latest. I'm planning on using Bakasims' Morikipo island Showtime version but for some reason after the initial game set up and exit it won't let me re-enter the save. So if I can't get the pets version to work I may have to use another world. Either way the Sari legacy WILL begin soon. 

And I'm done with happy endings. Bring klenex and lots of it. Heaven has been challenging me and I do NOT back down from a challenge. *Cap -> Sideways*

Aria, Lyric, Harmony, Cadence, Melisma and Dolce will be up on the legacy sims exchange momentarily as TEENS. Mel an Alex will be on the new Sari Legacy page by Friday or Saturday. 

... I think thats it for my notes. Thanks everyone for sticking with me through this glitch-tastic legacy and I really am sorry for having to end it early. Your comments cheer me up every day and I just love knowing that people enjoy my writing. I hope you all stick with me during my next legacy. I'm challenging myself with it, trying to make it my best work yet. No promises it will actually be, but its worth a shot. 


  1. *cries* I'm very sad to see the Sabo's go. I've really enjoyed reading it and I can't wait for your next legacy. Melody is so beautiful and is the perfect founding heir for the Sari legacy. Thanks for making me laugh, cry, want to punch my computer screen and drool. (over Teddy) Lol.

  2. God, the only thing I focused on was...TEDDY! He's gone! Nooooo! But, now I get to see new sims in a new place and start from a new beginning. I look forward to reading the next and seeing what you have in store. Already following, of course.

    And no challenge was issued. I'm just a bitch to my sims. If you choose to follow suit, I welcome the company. :P

  3. Noooooo not Teddy! D: Who will play guitar in his underwear for us now?!

  4. Great job, Cece, I look forward to your new legacy.

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    Looking forward to the Sari legacy :)

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  7. I'm gonna miss them but look forward to your new legacy....though I have a bit of a hard time figuring it how on earth you are going to make it even harder on your Sims.....

    You can always send then over to the Crists for consolation...they are to damn heroic and wanting to do good and take care of everyone.

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