Sunday, March 11, 2012

8.2 - Family Secrets

Cashmere isn’t quite showing yet, but she knows that once she does she’ll be forced into maternity leave thanks to the mortal realm’s stupid labour laws. If she wants to work, she should be able to! ... But at least this does give her time to teach Melody about the important things in life (like good food!).

Briar would love to be spending more time at home too, but his agent is always sending him out for publicity appearances and to practice his guitar playing. 

He tried to have some fun on one such excursion... and learned the hard way that bulls do not getting along with fairies. He almost broke his back!

Staying home with the baby is a lot safer. And nicer. Even if she does have a nasty habit of biting him every time he picks her up. Cashmere says its normal, that she used to do it all the time. Briar’s convinced that it just means his daughter hates him. 

Cashmere starts showing. 

And is asked to star in a commercial for fertility treatment.

She’d never take the drugs herself (2 kids is already pushing it for a working mom. Seriously), but she is thankful for the job. And the 5k paycheck that comes with it. 

A simfest starts up across the street while Cashmere is filing her commercial and she is given an invitation for two. Briar calls for a babysitter, sets Melody down for her midday nap, and then catches a cab into the city. 

Meanwhile Cashy is meeting some of the local performers. Javed Fier offers to show her around town sometime... s’long as her husband doesn’t mind. Cashy tells him her husband doesn’t even have to know.

Simfest is pretty fun.

Not that either of them notice. As soon as Briar’s arrived they do nothing but pay attention to each other. 

Melody’s birthday arrives. And the family has a small private celebration as far from the paparazzi as possible. 

Melody, their little loner. Probably as a result of her parents’ busy schedules and the fact that her babysitter really spent more time with the downstairs TV than with her. 

Cashy and Briar are both thrilled at how cute their little girl came out. 

Hopefully this next one comes out just as cute as his/her big sister.

Later that same night Cashy’s out handing out flyers to promote a movie when the labour pains hit. 

She returns with a baby girl, Aria. 

Melody was named appropriately. For her birthday her parents bought a new karaoke system, and she’s gone a little overboard with it. 

Her best friend is her sort-of cousin Alexandra Starr. They’re not actually related, but when they were introduced to each other as toddlers their parents called them cousins, so it just sort of stuck. 

It isn’t until they’re pillow fighting in Alexa’s parents’ room that Melody starts to wonder why the normally full house is so quiet today. 

“It’s cause my sister is visiting from Meadow Glenn.” Alexandra explains, holding up a hand in defense. “They went out to lunch with her, but should be home sooner or later.”
“I thought your sister lived here in town, with Mr. Sebastian!”
“Nah that’s Aviva. Rora is the one visiting from Meadow Glenn. Daddy says she used to be really good friends with your daddy.”

When the door downstairs opens and Alexandra’s parents call for her, Melody joins them as well, but stops when she sees the strange human woman standing in the foyer. 
“You’re Aurora? I thought Alexa’s siblings were all vampires.”
Aurora seems caught off guard by the appearance of the little red head. “I uh... I took the cure a few days ago. Um... I’m sorry. I just can’t get over how much you look like your mother. I mean I’d heard Briar had a little girl but I never thought-”

“He has two little girls.” Melody interrupts. 
“No. My little sister Aria was only just born. Mom and dad are home with her right now. They’ve never mentioned you before.”

Instantly Melody knows she’s said the wrong thing. Aurora shrugs, rubbing her neck in a manner so similar to what Melody’s own father does. A lie is coming. 
“Well, you know, I got busy with boarding school and when I got back your mom and dad had already moved and it just felt so silly to get back in touch. I’ll only be here a few days anyway, your parents don’t even need to know I’m here, okay?”
Melody promises not to say anything. 


Aurora came out GORGEOUS! Originally her decision to become human was going to carry a lot more weight for the story, but I had to drop that storyline. So basically she became human cause she friggin wanted to. Thats it. 

Oh and for the record I can't actually remember what that acrobat's name is but from now he is named Javed. He'll be around again. 

MELODY WHY YOU SHO CUTE? Frack it all. She's my heir.

Gen 9 roll:

- Single Parent
- Three kids
- Primary Career: Singer (Expansion gift)
- Gen Goal: Perfect Children
- Misc Fun: Tattoo Addict

Oh and super giant hugs for Zoku who told me about Starlight Shores' problem with doors in certain lots (Had to go in and fix a couple). And also thanks to Cali for mentioning that Jynx's rugs need updating for patches. I'd... totally forgotten I even had them. Game hasn't crashed since I removed them. Yay!


  1. Melody is super gorgeous!!! Like, really, really gorgeous. And it's hard for those chubby, blobby things called children to be that pretty. So she'll be stunning when she hits YA.

    Glad that you figured out a way to keep it going!!!

  2. Melody is gorgeous, what will you do if her siblings come out equally gorgeous?

    I'm wondering what (if anything) is going to come of Cashmere's comment to the acrobat...

  3. Spoiler alert: Melody is GROGEOUS as a YA. I aged her and Alex early just in case I wasn't able to fix this one, and holy CRAP. I can't wait for Mel to take over. Honestly.

    Something will come from Cashmere's comment to the acrobat. : ) Even if he IS married in game.

  4. Melody is very beautiful and I'm really liking her.

    I'm also wondering about that comment Cashmere made to the acrobat. Hmmmm....