Tuesday, March 13, 2012

8.3 - Shouldn't Have Done That

Aria is a... moody baby. Not at all like her headstrong yet polite older sister. 

Cashmere is going back to work soon and Briar’s band commitments are beginning to take up. They both know Aria needs a steady hand, not a babysitter. Cashmere has an idea for who they could call...

Briar tells her that he had the same idea last night, and that his mom is already flying in. She’ll be in town in time for Aria’s birthday. 

Also here for Aria’s brithday: Coworkers, friends, family.

Also here: A very uncomfortable Aurora Starr. 

She’s Paris’ guest.

Well, time for baby to grow up.

Aria takes after her father’s side of the family almost 100%. Although she does have her mother’s round eye shape. 

Cashmere seems very interested in Aurora. Why she’s here, how long she’ll be in town, and most importantly: Where she’s staying. 

Aurora tells her the truth. She’s visiting her father, her plane leaves in two days, and she’s staying with her dad and step-mom, but she may move to a hotel since all her dad and half-brother do is argue. 
Instantly Briar offers her one of their spare bedrooms (They have at least 5 just sitting there unused). Aurora hesitates, but then accepts his offer. If anything just to annoy Cashmere. 

Briar takes his mom aside before she can get acquainted with the kids. She brought Aurora to the party for a reason and he wants to know what it is. 

“Aurora was your best friend.” She informs him. “You two were practically inseparable as children and then no contact as adults? Briar, without my best friend I would have been lost. Love is one thing, but if you don’t patch things up with Aurora you’ll never forgive yourself. You may have moved on, but her life has been awful without you. Just talk to her, will you? For an old woman’s sake?”
Briar tries to tell her she’s not old but that would be a huge lie. 

Aurora knows they’re talking about her. She shouldn’t have come. 
“I’ll say.” Cashmere mutters soft enough so only Aurora will hear. “Whatever you’re planning isn’t going to work, silly goose.”
“What exactly am I planning?”

“You’re planning to steal him like I stole him from you when we were kids.”
Aurora makes a hurt face. “You didn’t steal him. I lost him because I was stupid.”
Cashmere can’t hide her smile. “Well, I can’t argue that. Just remember to keep your hands off him... or you’ll regret it.” 

The party ended long ago, most of the family has gone to sleep and Aurora departed to collect her things from her father’s house. When she returns only Briar is still awake. 

“I want to apologize.” Briar says, as soon as she comes up to him. 
“For what?”
“For kissing you at prom, for putting that kind of pressure on you when we were so young, for ignoring you when you got depressed, and for never visiting after you left. I was just so mad at you and... and I thought maybe you hated me.”

“You really are an air-head.” She says after a long silence. “I never hated you. I was mad yes, furious even. But I never hated you. And after everything that happened with Cashmere I just... I couldn’t take it. I did something stupid and I’ve been paying for it ever since. I came here to try and convince myself that I did the right thing, and seeing you here so happy... it makes me happy too. I promise.”
She isn’t rubbing her neck, but Briar’s known her since he was a baby. She’s lying through her teeth. Nonetheless, he doesn’t push her.

He shows her to one of the spare rooms. 

When his back is turned, she attacks. 
... Oh its on.

Pillow fighting lets them take out their real frustrations. And for a moment, they’re children again.

At least until it ends. Out of breath and both wearing big smiles, Aurora says whats really on her mind. 
“I’m so sorry I shot you down.”

And then she kisses him the same way he kissed her at the night of their prom.

His wife is sleeping just upstairs, as are his two children by her. Does he care?
What do you think...


*Sigh* This won't end well. That isn't too much of a spoiler, is it? If so... oops!

Paris makes such a cute elder! ><

Also cute: The kids. I looooove them.


  1. Cece..... one word, home wrecker!!!

    Love you though, and this story. I neglected just about everyones stories but yours.

  2. I hate Cashmere for some reason. I really don't know why but she annoys me. But still, it's not like she and Briar have a crappy marriage! They are all over each other. Damn him. And poor Aurora even though she should know better.

  3. Okay, Briar, now this is very important to remember. DON'T KILL HER. I know it's hard because your genetics are telling you that's appropriate response when mistrisses come calling, but trust me, DON'T KILL HER.

  4. Uh-oh, and there was me thinking it would be Cashmere who cheated...

  5. Kayla: Aaaw thank you! You have no idea what that means to me. I got so heartbroken over having to leave Meadow Glenn and then barely any views for 8.1... it's nice to know people are still reading and enjoying the Sabos.

    Heaven: Cashy's sort of a shallow bitch, so I guess there's that. Originally I was going to make her a lot less likable than she already is. But in game she's sweet to everyone and is ALWAYS rolling wishes to teach the kids their skills (and then go to work and get that promotion!). She really would be super mom if I let her. But I won't. Because that would be a happy generation.

    Zokugai: xD Well, someone dies this generation. Won't be Rora.

    AliH: Won't be Cashy. Although that was the original plan.

  6. Hmm weird i was sure cashmere was gonna be the one faulty here! oh gosh, your gonna kill her off!! she is pretty though!! :D

    Good to see Aurora come back though :D

    ANd i'm sorry I missed out!! How could I have missed out (well I know exactly how...but still...)

  7. Oh snap! These things never end well so no, that's not really a spoiler. I can't wait to see Cashmere's reaction to this.

    Oh Paris! You're such an adorable old lady! I bet she is an awesome grandma. =]