Thursday, March 15, 2012

8.4 - A Bit of Hope

In the days before Aurora’s departure, she and Briar spend almost every waking moment together. Most of it in private.

But then they get bolder.

A little too bold if you ask Melody. Not that either adult even notices her.

Briar’s affair has been the front page of every tabloid in the city, and everyone knows about it, including his wife. She asks Javed to go out for a drink, pretending to be strong. And Javed plays along, as if absolutely nothing is wrong.

But then the flash of the paparazzi and the pitying looks of the crowd get to her and Javed sees her about to break down so he pulls her into a cab and away from the prying eyes. She’s in tears by the time they make it back to his house. 

He holds her close, just letting her cry and get everything out. As an acrobat he was popular, but not enough to draw the paparazzi’s eyes every time he did or didn’t do something. His own parents had gone through a messy divorce when he was just a child after his father had been caught in bed with the maid. His mother had been in so much pain at the time, and having to do it in front of the cameras sounds even worse. 

“I just can’t believe he’d do this to me.” She whispers after her tears have run dry. 

“I mean, he’s never so much as looked at any other girls since we met! I knew there was something between him and Aurora when I met her, but he told me it was ancient history. I can’t believe I actually believed him!”
“Love blinds people.” Javed tries to explain, eyeing his eavesdropping wife in the kitchen. “Maybe he’d cheated before and you just never noticed?”
“No.” Cashmere tries to explain. “Briar... he isn’t like that. Its why this is all over the news, he doesn’t understand how to keep secrets. Its one of the things I love about him.”

Javed isn’t sure he heard her right. “So you’re saying you still love him? Even after all this?”
“Of course.”
“What if he wants to leave you for her?”
“I’ll fight for him. We have two children together, both too young to understand whats happening. He loves them both too much to break our family apart. I just have to remind him of that.”

He thinks she’s crazy, but he’s still here for her, if she needs him. Plus his mother’s divorce lawyer lives in town and got his mom EVERYTHING his father owned, even with a pre-nup in place. 
Cashmere tells him to keep the lawyer’s number on stand-by. Just in case.

But then when she gets home she finds Aurora asleep in the single bed downstairs, and Briar upstairs in their bedroom with Cashmere's side completely undisturbed, the covers still folded in the pattern She put them in this morning. For some reason, this gives her some hope. 
If Briar and Aurora have taken their relationship to the next level it hasn’t been in the bed he shares with his wife. 


Short chapter is better than no chapter. 

No Briar and Aurora did not have a fight. Briar just knows that there is a line SOMEWHERE. Maybe one day he'll know just where the line lies.


  1. Okay, I actually feel for Cashmere now. I don't know. Maybe it's just the situation but she is in a really hard spot right now. Hopefully things work out for the best for everyone (though knowing you AND your roll, it likely won't).

    Glad to see you are back!

  2. Suddenly I see why you seemed so focused on having Aurora skill writing as a kid...

  3. I don't know why, but even with Briar cheating on her with Aurora, I just don't feel sorry for Cashmere. I know I ought to but...

  4. I feel sorry for Cashmere too. I can't help it, what Briar did was really messed up. I'm just saying.

  5. OH this was not what I had expected Briar to do, so out in the open! And I actually feel sorry for Cashy, even though I disliked her at some point!