Friday, March 16, 2012

8.5 - But is it Love?

Monday marks Melody’s first day of school, as well as Cashmere’s first day back to work. Melody wants to know if her mom will pick her up from Alexandra’s house on her way home from work.
“Sure sweetie, but why don’t you just walk home yourself? Alexandra only lives a block away.”
“Cause she is still here. And I don’t like seeing her and daddy together.”

Cashmere can’t believe Briar was dumb enough to let Melody catch him with his new girlfriend. 

“Aurora is leaving tonight.” She eventually says. “You don’t have to worry, love.”
Melody just shrugs. “I’m still going to stay at Alexandra’s, okay?”

Briar meanwhile is spending time with his little baby girl. He never really understood the connection parents could have with their kids since his mom was always locked up in her room and his uncle was always being a moody rockstar. But when it comes to his little girls he can’t help but want to be with them every minute of the day. 

Aria’s calmed down considerably since her screaming baby days. As long as she’s doing what SHE wants to do, that is. And right now, all she wants to do is eat her block table one piece at a time.

So he spends the day with Aurora. She has to head to the airport in only a few hours, and doesn’t look too happy about it. 
“You’re sure I can’t convince you to come back home with me?”
She asked him to return with her the first night they kissed, but Briar turned her down. “Rora I already told you. I have two daughters with Cashy, and this is our home now. I’m really happy you decided you love me, but I can’t give you the life you want.”
“But do you love her?”
That question catches him by surprise. “I dunno. Why?”

“Because you told me once that you loved me.”
“I remember that.”
She slinks under his arm, a hand on his knee. “So you’ve made love to the girl you don’t love... but haven’t done anything more than kissing with me? I see some missing logic there.”
He decides she has a point, and then leads her into one of the spare rooms. 

Paris has never been so disappointed in her life. 

“Have you even considered the effect this affair has had on your family? On me?”
“Mom what are you talking about? You told me to give her a second chance-”
“Yes as FRIENDS. Honestly, Briar! Sometimes I think you have no common sense at all! Where did I ever go wrong?”

The accusation of her being a horrible and absent mom is on the tip of his tongue... but he doesn’t say it. She was always busy saving the world. He just wishes she’d go back to being too busy for him again. Now that he’s actually old enough to not need her anymore.

And the worst part about all this? She has a valid point.

Aurora’s plane is officially in the air when he goes up to tuck Aria into bed and sees Cashmere playing with her on the floor. Something in his stomach does a nervous flip and with a bit of shock he realizes its guilt, and something else. 

After Aria’s been deposited in her crib, Briar takes Cashmere’s hand and pulls her out in the hall. “We need to talk.”
“I know we do.” She agrees. “You first.”

“I’m stupid and I don’t deserve you. And I’m really really sorry.”
She fights to hide her smile. “I know that. What brought on this epiphany?”

He takes her hands, squeezing them softly. “The fact that I really want another baby, and the only person I can imagine having one with is you. With your beautiful eyes, your lips, your hair, I want them to be a perfect mix of you and me.”

Cashmere feels her cheeks heat in a blush and tries to look away from him. “I really shouldn’t forgive you so easily.”
“Well, if you want to keep playing coy I do have one more confession that will make you forgive me for sure.”
“Oh? And what would that be?”

He pulls her close, kissing her hard, with a passion she never realized he had. But this isn’t his confession.

“I love you.” He breathes, as she’s about to pull away. 
“I love you.” He repeats. “Something Aurora said today... it made me realize that what we have, the life we’ve built together, it shouldn’t be possible for two people who aren’t in love. And having you here with me makes me finally understand that this is where I’m happiest. With you, not Aurora. And that I really do love you.”

She forgives him, and they get started on that baby right away.


Okay so at this point my game is just screwing me for shits and giggles. I'm about to give up on sims altogether and decide that if my legacy game didn't work again I'd give up for good. I open up the game... not even the tiniest bit of lag... are you serious? Fear tactics ACTUALLY work on a video game? O_O 

Hopefully everything stays in smooth sailing mode for as long as possible. 

Also: Aria y u sho kyoot? <3

I need musical baby names! O_O


  1. Oh my gosh! What a chapter. Reya, for some reason these chapters seem the most..poignant or something to me. Unfortunately, even I know that love and forgiveness are not that easy.

    As for musical baby names: Cadence and Harmony are some. Also, for boys: Allegro and Lyric. Hopefully those help a bit. :)

  2. Musical baby names *thinks*

    Allegro/Allegra, Cadenza... *runs out of ideas*

  3. All right, I'm finally caught up!
    And I honestly have no idea who I'm rooting for, lol.
    As for musical names, I had a friend, a singer, that used to call me Melisma. It's a musical term of some kind, something about holding one syllable over several notes. Google it if you want the definition, lol.

  4. I feel like punching Cashmere, stupid girls. You should never settle for that crap. Not that I can talk because I did it.

  5. Cashmere is such an idiot. If I was in her position I'd take the acrobat up on his offer about the lawyer. I guess I'm not evolved enough to deal with cheaters and I'm totally ok with that. =]

  6. I don't think I'd forgive my husband so easily if he'd do something like that...but then again. love does weird things with you, and I have seen a very good friend of mine in a situation like this...her boy just didn't know what he wanted but finally choose to commit fully to her.
    But still, i'd have kicked briar in the nuts first.