Sunday, March 18, 2012

8.6 - More Kiddies

Cashmere can’t believe she’s already pregnant with her third child at such a young age. Then again, she isn’t anywhere near her own mother’s record. Thank goodness.

Briar for one couldn’t be happier. They even have names already picked out. Lyric for a boy, Harmony if the baby is a girl.

Paris is also thrilled at the new baby, and happy to see that the young couple managed to work things out. Now if they could just get her to five grandkids before she died that would be fantastic.

Melody would like it on record that, as the oldest, she is still the most important member of the family

Its harder than it was when she was pregnant with Aria, but Cashmere still manages to get Melody excited for the new baby. 

And of course some mother-daughter bonding. Cashmere’s agent offered her a short piece on a crime show as a pregnant widow but she turned it down, choosing instead to stay home with her daughters. 

That said, she does take a job for another commercial, this one for pills that promise to get rid of all those pregnancy aches and pains, and the constant need for rest. They can even be used post pregnancy as well. Cashmere figures she's could use a sample of the pills.

And so she’s given some free samples and actually uses them. The effect is AMAZING. 

She has the energy for dancing again! Something she didn’t even have before her pregnancy. Raising two kids and continuing work from home took a lot out of her but now its no problem at all.

Briar thinks his wife has gone crazy, but he likes coming home to a clean house again so really he doesn’t complain. They even make plans for a romantic second honeymoon after the new baby is a toddler. Grandma Paris has already agreed to babysit, and Briar is thinking France. Cashmere had wanted to go to Egypt but had changed her mind after being subject to Paris’ death glare. 

Briar’s agent has him work out on his days off. No one likes a lead singer with scrawny arms, after all. 

Although he is thankful for the new muscle tone when Cashy goes into labour and he has to help her into the car. 

They come home with unexpected twins. Harmony and her brother, Lyric. 

Days pass, and life goes on in an albiet much more hectic schedule. Even Cashmere with her now daily medication can’t keep up with two babies and a moody toddler. 

Yet somehow she still manages to organize a HUGE birthday party for all four children. Melody really wishes they’d just have a small family party some time. She really doesn’t like all the cleaning they have to do beforehand. 

But she has to admit... the actual party is always pretty awesome. 

And she makes quite a lovely teenager. 

She helps her little sister to the cake, their parents standing nearby. 

Aria looks a lot like her grandmothers, with Ginger’s hair and Paris’ blue eyes. Not that Briar even knows about his second mother, or the origin of his hair and certain features.

The twins age up after the party. 
Harmony gains her mother’s eyes and father’s hair. 

Lyric gains Grandma Paris’ hair colour and mama’s eyes. 

Only one guest lingers long after the party has ended, and Briar... well, he knows he isn’t going to like whatever Aurora came to speak with him about. Not in the least. 


Something smells fishy... probably all the red herrings in this chapter! ^^

Also I don't think this is TOO much of a spoiler... but I was amazed that only Mel inherited Cashmere's hair colour. Three of their four children together inherited her eyes, but only one got her hair. (Also, apparently green is dominant, but thats a spoiler for the next chapter). 

Harmony might just be my favourite toddler ever. Loooove her expressions. Special thanks to Heaven for the names! Cause I hadn't realized until long after naming Aria that her name was a musical term, and so was Melody's... so then I had an accidental theme and I HAD to continue it somehow. 

Aria's evil. That may or may not come into play later. Just saying (And I say maybe cause something happened during the above scenes that may have killed my chances for any plot development whatsoever). 


  1. I'm intrigued about the medication Cashmere's on, and very intrigued as to what's a red herring in this chapter & what isn't...

  2. Teen Medlody reminds me of someone..... Maybe Marie? I don't know.

  3. Yeah, popping unprescribed pills while you're pregnant...

  4. I wonder what Aurora wants to discuss with Briar.

    All the children are always. I swear all of these stories have gorgeous Sims, including mine. We are so very blessed. =D Lol.

  5. seriously, you're opening up so many possibilities for this to continue, I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next chapter but can just click "newer post".