Sunday, March 18, 2012

8.7 - Me or Them

Briar’s pretty sure he knows what Aurora is here to tell him already. His agent is as omnipotent as the Watcher and already knows all about what’s waiting in the local hotel with a babysitter. 

“I really am sorry.” She begins. “I thought I could handle my pregnancy by myself, and I did... it wasn’t until I gave birth that I knew I needed help. And I knew you had a right to know. We did something we shouldn’t have, and now we have to deal with the consequences.”

“I know, I know... and you and the baby can stay I guess. I just really wish you hadn’t-”
“Actually its more than one baby.”

“... Wait. What?”

Welcome to the family, Melisma.

And Dolce.

Aaaaaand Cadence. 

Paris certainly has her hands full now. Especially considering all five babies are the exact same age. 

Cashmere left for her first day back at work after the party, and wasn’t here for the triplets’ arrival. But it doesn’t take her long to put the pieces together once she runs into Aurora moving her things into the house. 

“Don’t make yourself comfortable.” She growls. “As soon as Briar gets home from his publicity appearance you WILL be leaving. I’m not okay with this, and he should have asked me first. I don’t care if he’s the father of your children. I am his WIFE, and our children are the only ones who have the right to call him dad.”

Aurora really can’t say anything to that. She’d forgotten how headstrong Cashmere is. If anyone can convince Briar to cut the triplets out of his life... it’ll be her. 

When Briar finally gets home he finds Cashmere asleep on his side of the bed. It almost brings a smile to his face before he realizes that she probably already noticed the three new additions in the nursery. With a sigh he readies himself for an argument and wakes her up.

“I want them gone.” Is all she says at first. “And then I don’t want you to ever contact them in any way again. They’re not our children.” 

“But they’re my children.” He insists. “They have my hair, my mother’s eyes, I can’t just pretend they don’t exist. I don’t want to.”

Cashmere sighs. “I know that, Briar. But please, think about it from a different point of view. You just invited your mistress and your three - for lack of a better term - bastard children to move in with us. Do you have any idea how this makes me feel? And what of our children? This will mess them up! They’ll be teased horribly in school.”

“But if I kick out Aurora and the triplets then they’ll be teased relentlessly. I can’t stand the idea of any of my children growing up without knowing their father. I grew up like that and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!”

“I grew up just fine without a dad.” Cashmere shoots back. “And I have to put my foot down. I will NOT stay in the same house as those children or their mother. It’s either them or me.”

“Will you LISTEN TO YOURSELF?” Briar yells suddenly, pointing a finger at her. “You’re so full of it! You’re just mad because Aurora is going to be here too! You don’t give a crap about the children at all! Honestly, maybe you SHOULD go.”
Cashmere feels her heart break. “You... you want me to go?”

Instantly he realizes just what he said. “Cashy I didn’t mean it like that-”
Her temper has already broken and there’s no going back now. “No you’re right. This obviously isn’t working out if my own HUSBAND puts his mistress before his own family.” 

“Cashy please don’t do this. Think of our kids-”
“Thats what I’ve been doing for too long.” Her voice is breaking already. 

If she doesn’t leave now she never will. And she knows she’d regret staying more than she already regrets wanting to leave. 

She’s gone instantly.

And Briar is left knowing he just made the biggest mistake of his life.


I blame Heaven. Originally I was JUST going to kill off Cashy during labour and have Briar eventually fall in love with Aurora again and have them be happy together. But then she had to go break my heart in her latest update so now I'm going to just have Briar live with this guilt for a looooong time. Maybe always. 


  1. YAY CASH I am so proud of her, but I would be taking my children with me..... wtf... I know game rules.

  2. Yeah the game rules sort of screwed me over on that one. I'm just going to ignore that little piece of logic and only mention it if SP hands me a solution wrapped in a tiny little bow.

  3. Seriously...I love you. I hope he is guilty and that he and Aurora don't fall back in love. I am angry now. Poor Cash but I am glad she worked up the nerve to leave. I know that IRL she would take the kids but, if anyone can work the logic on that one, it's you.

  4. Yeah, I'm glad Cashy took off, too. I mean, I'm with Briar in that he has a responsibility to his kids, she shouldn't have tried to completely cut them out. But moving your mistress into your wife's house is just beyond stupid, and Briar got what he deserved.
    Also, yay, Melisma!

  5. Hmm, I have to say I don't like either Briar or Cashmere much right now - moving your mistress into the house you share with your wife is a big no-no (unless your wife is happy with it of course) but to demand that he cut all ties with the children was totally out of order - whatever he and Aurora have done it's not the children's fault and they're the ones who would be punished by that

  6. Oh man, I actually dislike Briar and Aurora now. I'm glad Cashmere got the nerve to leave too. I don't agree with her when she told Briar to cut his ties with his kids but I wouldn't want to be around them either. Because you know that would be a constant reminder of what Briar did with Aurora. And really? He thought moving them in without even talking to his wife was a good idea? Not the brightest crayon in the box is he? Lol.

  7. I agree with all the above...

    Sometimes man are so stupid, how could he think it was a good idea to move aurora and the kids in, djeez, i'd already be pissed if my husband had kids with someone else and moved them in next door!