Monday, March 19, 2012

8.8 - No Forgiveness Here

The following morning Briar half expects Cashmere to be lying next to him in bed, but she’s not. And he has to face reality. 

Even holding little Cadence only makes the feeling worse, although that might just be from Aurora trying to get Harmony dressed for the day, something Cashmere always used to do before leaving for work. 

He knows Cashmere is out there somewhere, probably still in town even. He just wishes he knew where so he could go talk to her. 

One of the things Briar should have realized is that the argument he had with Cashmere wasn’t exactly... private. Everyone in the house heard it. Including his two oldest daughters. 

Aria expresses worry over their mother’s disappearance, but Melody calms her down, promising everything will be alright. Their parents just had a fight. Everyone fights, but they’ll make up soon. She’s sure of it.

But she does ask Grandma about it just in case. Unfortunately Paris knows no more than she does. 

So Briar decides its time to sit them down and try to explain whats going on, and why he’s decided to sign the divorce papers that arrived in the mail this morning.

Melody is not impressed by her father’s priorities. Any positive feelings she had towards her half-siblings evaporated the second he told them why Cashmere left. 

She hates him now. Just thought he should know.

Briar was hoping Melody at least could accept what had happened, considering how level headed she always seemed to be. If anything her words hurt him worse than Cashmere’s did when she left. Hopefully she’ll grow to forgive him. 

At least Aria says that she still loves him. She doesn’t blame daddy for her mom leaving. 

No, she blames the triplets’ mommy. And if there’s one thing Aria knows, its that getting mad doesn’t solve anything. But getting even does. 

Days are hectic for Aurora. Between looking for a job, avoiding Briar at all cost, and helping out with five screaming toddlers... lets just say that showering is the only part of her day where she can truly relax. 

At least thats what she thought before catching her reflection in the mirror while getting dressed. 

What the hey?

She knows full well who it was. She’ll have to talk with Briar in the morning about Aria’s behaviour... and it had better stop fast. 


Next update won't be until Wednesday. Because as always... I hate Tuesdays. 

So I actually have to talk about names a bit since I was too tired yesterday to talk about it then. 

Cadence: Courtesy of Heaven although it was on my original "maybe" list. She just convinced me to actually use it. And I think it fits my little red-head well.

Dolce: From my list of names. I just really wanted to use this name so... I did!

Melisma: This name was originally at the bottom of my "maybe" list because I thought the nickname would be too similar to Melody's... and why would Aurora do that? Then Calisims/Yang mentioned the name in her comment and... well... why WOULDN'T Aurora name her daughter that? So thank you Calisims for convincing me to use the most adorable name ever <3

By the way, we haven't actually seen the last of Cashmere.


  1. Sorry but Briar is getting what he is Aurora. I'd be totally happy if you decide to make them as miserable as possible. =] I can't believe Briar would think Melody would be ok with all of this? Seriously, that guy must be living in a fantasy land if he thinks everyone will just forgive him.

  2. Agreed with Jess.

    Poor Cash, I bet she is missing her babies though.

  3. Cashy really does miss her babies.

  4. I love Melody and Aria's different and both very real reactions. And I agree with Jess, too, I'd be quite content to see Briar and Aurora stewing in their misery.

    I feel bad for Cash, too, about losing her kids. *kicks stupid rules*

    Also, a possible nickname for Melisma could be Lis or Liz rather than Mel. I have friends that call me Lis.

  5. Did I mention Cadence is Paris II with that hair! She looks a lot like her grandmother!

    I'm happy at least one person in that household is responding in a normal and healthy way *points to melody* I'd be so mad if my dad had pulled a briar!