Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8.9 - Cuteness Level Overload

As the only boy in his family with six sisters, Lyric is used to being the centre of attention.

Plus it helps that he is FRIGGIN ADORABLE.

Dolce thinks he’s super weird. And loves to throw blocks at his head when he isn’t looking. 

Cadence is a spoil sport though. She ALWAYS tells on her sisters when they’re mean to their brother. Plus if Dolce’s head got any bigger it might break her neck! (Seriously)

“Free time” is a myth in this household. With five toddlers in the house there’s never a dull moment. 

So Briar hires a live-in butler to help with the daily chores and cooking. Fortunately he also loves children so he’s a perfect match for this crazy family. 

 Unfortunately he might love children just a bit too much. He can’t say no to Melody when she asks him to help her sneak out after curfew. 

Then again, even without their butler’s help she would have found a way out anyway. After all, she has a very important appointment tonight. 

Cashmere looks tired, but as beautiful as ever and all Mel wants to do is jump into her mother’s arms and never let go. But she doesn’t. “I’m so glad you’re letting me talk to you, Mel.” 
The younger girl shrugs. “You said you wanted to explain why you left, and I want to hear it. Why wouldn’t I have come?”
Cashmere hints at a smile before her face falls again. “You already know why I left, my love. I loved your father once, but once he broke my heart I knew I had to leave. If I’d stayed with him I never would have been able to look at myself in the mirror again.”

“Okay.” Melody says, understanding. “But... why did you leave us behind? The twins won’t even remember your face, but Aria and I do. And we miss you.”

“I never wanted to leave you.” Cashmere whispers, eyes brim over with tears. Melody moves to comfort her, not realizing her own eyes have tears in them as well. “I wanted to fight your father for custody but I live in a one bedroom apartment in the middle of town. There is barely enough room for me, let alone me and four children. I’m trying to make money to buy a bigger place, but the busier I get the less time I’d have to spend with you. What am I supposed to do?”
Melody doesn’t know what to say, but she knows she has to go. It’s almost one in the morning, and if she stays she’ll get in trouble. “I have to go, mom. But... I love you. Please don’t stop trying.”
“I’ll never stop trying to build a home for us.” Cashmere promises, giving her a final squeeze. “I love you too.”

Alexandra has always been Melody’s best friend, and she’s the only person Melody trusts enough to talk about her situation at home. 

Alexandra’s own family life is pretty crappy as well. Her father is old, and her brother picks fights with half the town. But Melody knows this only because grandma Paris told her. Alexandra would rather die than speak ill of the people around her. In her eyes everything and everyone is absolutely perfect. 

Johnson is a wonderful cook. 

And with his help all five toddlers are taught all the skills they need just in time for their birthday. (And DAMN what a headache that was for Watcher)

Speaking of which, lets get this day out of the way, shall we?




Who once again proves...

That Cashmere and Briar made great kids. 

Oh! Two more kids to go. 

And the youngest, Cadence. 


I dunno how... but Lyric WILL make an appearance in my next legacy. He has to! He is too sexy NOT to! I think in order of favourite for the 5 youngest (strictly aesthetically speaking) mine are: Lyric, Harmony, Melisma, Cadence and Dolce. And even then Dolce is still quite beautiful. 


  1. Good lord the birthdays! The titled of this chapter explains it all. I agree that Lyric is the cutest little boy ever. I feel so sorry for Cashmere. I hope, some how she can get custody of her kids. She seems to really love and miss them. All this because Briar couldn't keep it in his pants. SMDH.

  2. I think your order would probably be mine too though I wonder if Cadence always looks kinda sleepy-eyed (or high, take your pick). :P

    I can't wait to see them as they get older and their features become more defined. Kids are always kinda fluffy looking to me.

  3. Hm, I like Melisma the most XD But Lyric is beautiful too, can't wait to see him as a teen (and possibly snag him to add to my collection of other people's sims)

  4. Lyric is cute, but I am all for Harmony *something about red hair*

  5. I would just die if I had to play that many toddlers at once. It will be easier with them being kids now, I hope.

    I'm happy we got to see Cashmere again and hear that she's trying to get her kids back. That's always tough in these legacies, when you have a male heir who rolls for a temporary partner, having to come up with a reason why the woman leaves her kids. Since it usually doesn't happen that way. So, great job dealing with the rules and making it work for the story.

  6. Oh my word, they are all so incredibly cute!

  7. I love how melisma's ears look slightly pointed, and for that she raised to the to in my list!

    And I agree on the cashmere bit!