Neverglade - Founding Families

Neverglade came as an uninhabited town so I got to have some fun making my own founding families with unique genetics and history.

... I had a bit too much fun with this part of the project.


- Arthur Archer
(As seen in Becky's R & R Legacy.)

As the oldest living descendent of the Ivanov's, Arthur became the head of family as well as one of the youngest elders to ever join the great council. However he refuses to live in Bridgeport and has a habit of adopting humans and raising them as his own. He's been named a traitor and sympathizer by his fellow elders but none would ever dare harm him or his latest charge. Being the oldest living vampire in Neveglade has its advantages, but he just hopes he can keep the newest vampires in town out of trouble.


- Ethan Cage

Raised mostly by his older sister, Lillian, Ethan's always stuck to himself and never made many friends. Ever since striking it out on his own though he's been doing well for himself, graduating top of his class from medical school and already making an impression in the medical field in Neverglade. He doesn't care about starting a family or meeting that special girl. His career has to come first.


- Morand Cagley
- Cecile Cagley
- Faith Cagley
(As seen in Redhead's Cagley Family Legacy.)

After the death of his wife, Morand wasn't sure how he could stand to raise their two children in the same town where every little thing reminded him of what they'd lost. What's a single father to do but pack up the kids and uproot them to a while new town? He's only been here a few days but already he's hoping for a second chance at love. Particularly with that lovely Pia Luz. There's something there, he knows it. But does she?

DAWN (Older)

- Kurt Dawn
- Lillian Dawn

Kurt's a retired secret agent, his wife, the Vice President of many major corporations around town. Together they've raised two children. One adopted, one genetically theirs. But following a horrid family feud they'd become estranged from their children and now suffer an empty nest. Will the family ever make peace?

DAWN (Younger)

- Reina Dawn
- Thaddaeus Dawn
- Malinda Dawn

When the Dawn's only biological daughter was knocked up by the local bad boy, her parents accepted it. When they married straight out of high school and took her surname, they accepted it. But the minute the young groom signed up at the local criminal warehouse, they'd gone one step too far. Reina's used to an easy and affluent life. Can Thaddaeus provide that for her? If not, what will happen to their new daughter?


- Hayley Dennis
- Sybil Dennis
(As seen in the now very depressing Dennis Legacy.)

New marriage = new start. They're not wealthy by any means, and their dreams are small. But perhaps a family is in the future for these two. As long as they can have biological children, that is. Not impossible with the amount of genius doctors in Neverglade.


- Medina Devlish

Her father, the head of the elder council. Her mother, long since dead. She's one child out of dozens, and hopefully the one easiest forgotten. To escape the death of Bridgeport she's gone to the one city the witch would never dream of returning. But her blackmail against Archer's charge won't keep her safe forever. More will need to be done... but what?


- Sheridan Enimty
- Louna Emnity
- Chale Enmity
(Louna/Chale from my Starr Legacy, Sheridan from Melissa's Foster Enmity Legacy.)

Sheridan never thought of himself as a family man, but when he knocked up a girl he'd gone on one date with he did the right thing and married her. But now that their son is grown up Sheridan's starting to see very little of himself in his little boy. Hopefully moving their growing family into a new town will breath life into their very awkward marriage. (And by growing... I mean pregnant with twins. If one of them doesn't get Sheridan's hair then Louna might be looking for a new husband.)


- Pia Luz
(Cloned but totally not related to my gen 6 spare from my Starr Legacy.)

Young, single, strong. This girl has got it all. She's well on her way to a high place in the military and a full house with a husband and a soccer team of rugrats will just get in the way of all that. But does fate have other plans for this young beauty?


- Daniel Porter
- Reena Porter
- Johnathan Porter
- Aalia Porter
- Joy Porter
- Jadyn Porter
- Aden Porter

Okay so here's the story. Reena and Daniel met when they were young, and became friends instantly. Years later when she was knocked up by her soon to be ex-husband, he moved in to help. Years later, Aalia was adopted into the family, and not long after so was Joy. Marriage came next, and with it the arrival of the twins: Jadyn and Aden. The Porter family has decided to move to a cheaper neighborhood. One where they will finally be able to afford a house big enough to fit everyone... now if they can just keep themselves sane... and out of the bedroom.


- Samuel Dawson
- Erisia Sapphire
- Traxius Sapphire
- Ella Sapphire
- David Sapphire

After the early death of her parents, Erisia was raised single handedly by her emperor of evil grandfather. He was in and out of jail a lot, and raised her with the belief that money and power are the only things in life that matter. So when she met the very rich, very naive Traxius Sapphire, she knew she has to have him. Imagine her surprise when she actually started falling love. Now she's got a family, a good home, and a loving husband. But with Traxius being disowned from his family name and her grandfather's looming death... will she stay?


- Rachel Smith
- Niles Smith

This young couple moved into town one night and have kept to themselves ever since. No one knows where they're from, or whom they're hiding from. All they know is Rachel and Niles seem to be in love, and her hair actually seems to be natural. The way Niles looks at gizmos and the way Rachel looks at the Dawn family may be some indication of where they once came from, but no one can really figure it out.


- Beatrix Von-Hagen
- Ethan Von-Hagen
- Cynthia Von-Hagen
(As seen in Buckley's West Family Legacy.)

Being a teenage mother was hard. Being married to a vampire on the run and raising their possibly evil genius daughter while in hiding... closer to impossible. Still, Neverglade is a safe place, and Archer has promised to get Ethan and Cynthia access to some of the remaining Vampire-Be-Gone formulas. Wether or not they'll both take it is another problem altogether.