Meadow Glenn - Founding Families

Here goes take two for the Sabo Legacy!

Crist and Smith 
- Adamaris Smith
- Boy Crist

Boy and Adamaris met while in Foster care. Boy was taken from his abusive parents and Adamaris ran away from hers. After Adamaris' birthday she took custody of her closest friend and they moved out together to try and make a good life for themselves.

- Glimmer Dennis
- Angelo Dennis

Angelo's mother always lived on the poverty line, while Glimmer's family owned half the town she grew up in. Despite being from such different backgrounds they found something in each other and in a new town away from family they're hoping they can make it work. But how far from family are they really?

- Anastasia McKinley
- Derrick McKinley

After receiving a lucrative offer from Meadow Glenn's chief of police, Sielienna Mossier, Anastasia new she had to move to the small town. Luckily her new fiance agreed to go along with her, and now they're both happy newlyweds.

- Nathaniel Mossier
- Sielienna Mossier
- Joseph Mossier

Sie's grandfather was a cop, Sie's parents were both cops, and she is also a cop. Her husband is Meadow Glenn's very own private detective, taking whatever cases the law won't let his wife take care of. Their son Joseph rarely sees his two very busy parents. Will he take after one of them or carve his own path in life?

- Wilfredo Quill-Archer

His parents had 6 kids, his older sisters each have three. His older brother, one. If he stayed in Neverglade a second longer Wilfredo's convinced he'll step on one of them. He just wants some elbow room. Is that too much to ask for?

- Raindrop Sabo
- Sky Breeze

For their story go back to Raindrop's birth in Ch 3.12.

- Adalyn Sperie
- Adabella Sperie
- Adamina Sperie

Their father spawned practically half the town. So as soon as they were of age, the triplets took off for shores unknown... and got as far as Meadow Glenn. They figure it'll do.

- Marie Starr
- Angel Starr

The Bridgeport council was dealt with. Angel's oldest son rules over what remains of the population there with his wife. Angel's younger son... is somewhere. Likely touring the world in mini skirts and drinking from super models. Marie's just happy to have Angel by her side again, for eternity or until someone finds a way to kill them for real. Meadow Glenn is where they've made their home, close enough to keep an eye on their daughter's descendants. But now that Jakelene's children are slowly making their  way into Meadow Glenn will Marie and Angel finally decide to introduce themselves?

- Chad Starr

... Shut up. I love him. He's here too.

- Diego Vasquez
- Sonya Vasquez
- Valerie Vasquez

Following his wife's death, Diego wasn't sure how to go on. But he still has two very young daughters to raise, and no one to help him do it. So he'll be strong for their sake, and hopefully he'll manage to raise them right.

- Mei Xun
- Danya Xun
- Lee Xun

Mei's parents were both very wealthy scientists, although she's more of a culinary arts kind of girl. But when she found out she couldn't have kids, science became her best friend, giving her two clones of herself that she's raising as her own children. Luckily neither child is taking after their self-centered and grumpy mother. Danya just wants to break away and be her own person and Lee really just wants to play with his dolly.

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