Outtakes Part 2! 


Glimmer's mom has got it going on. You have NO idea how much I wanted to do a scene about Angelo revealing he was only dating Glimmer to try and get into Yuki's pants... but then everybody really liked Aquarius and honestly I did too so I dropped the plot.

... Yeah Yuki was a pretty annoying mom.

D'aaaaaw. Back when they were cute!

I moved Yuki and Aquarius into town the same day I started the story in Meadow Glenn. Yuki crashed the wedding party so I had to send her home before taking photos.

... Chad stop flirting with everything that moves. I know Sky's hot. But she has morals. And a husband.

And suddenly I miss my Starr triplets. (Jessica)

Valerie Vasquez before she went evil.

Gonzalo McKinley. Derrick and Ana's oldest.

The Sperie-Archer siblings. Sadie (blonde) and Shannon (blue).

I KNEW I had a picture of these two as teens!

See why I had to move? The house was a lil cramped.

LOL. Soooo tempted.

Soooooo tempted part 2.

OH COME ON. So tempted part 3.

Child Angelita Smith.

"Crap. Dad's home."

Jacob fanservice #1.

Jacob fanservice #2.

The perks of having a genius baby sister. Copying homework!

The oldest McKinley kids. Starla and Gonzalo. Starla was honestly stalking Sabina for a while. I can't believe she isn't in more photos.

Noel! (The only biological daughter of Boy and Danya in either legacy)

The hair looks hot on everyone.

Bitch back off. That's my woman.

Noel photo spam part 2.

Heartburn? Or crazy pregnancy cravings?

Wedding Outtakes #1. (Anastasia McKinley and Jessica Sabo-Mossier)

Wedding Outtakes #2. (Jessica Sabo-Mossier, Angelo Sabo-Dennis, Raindrop Sabo and Sadie Sperie-Archer)

Wedding Outtakes #3. (Angelita Smith, Adamaris Smith, Derrick McKinley)

Rainy is that gun compensating for something? xD (Watcher had WAY too much fun with that scene)

Yeah the instructions for the gun poses were too long and I didn't read past the first paragraph so I couldn't figure out if there was a way to make them hold the guns during the poses... so I gave up and you all go weird angles instead.

Hey Angel. Sup?

Angelita does not like getting her picture taken, Watcher.



Bring it, bitch.

D'aaaaaw. Back when they were cute! (Part 2)

Sabina interviewing Boy for work at one of his many... many parties.

Sadie Sperie-Archer and her oldest son, Brent. (Can you tell she was my favourite?)


I was so happy to see Catherine continuing her fishing hobby after she moved out.

Catherine's twin daughters. Sharla:

And Robin:

Adamaris' hair was timeless.

Deleted scene. <3

Devin Sabo-Mossier. One of Jessica and Layton's kids. I think she looks like a parrot. Her future daughter is one of Dublin's friends.

"I dunno why you're so pissed off at me, old man. I give you beautiful grandkids."

In my opinion, the most attractive couple around town. Jeremie (son of Jessica and Layton)

And his wife Elise (Youngest child of Anastasia and Derrick McKinley)


Noel photos spam - young adult. She's enemies with half the town. Actually, I think Sabina may be her only friend.

Kenzie was NOT amused by her honeymoon.

Adventuring... hippo style.

Connie Sabo-Sperie. Clark and Shannon's only child.

If it makes you feel any better... Derrick did actually show up for Paris' birth.

Spoilers! : D


  1. KIDS CAN COPY HOMEWORK?! How did I not know that? And a baby?! Shit son!

  2. grmbl grmbl

    "Noel! (The only biological daughter of Boy and Danya in either legacy)"

    screw you :P horrible person! Rub it in will ya! To make it even worse, the only Female Crist ever, there has not been a single biological crist girl (yet I hope...).

    But she is pretty :D So thanks for the spam of her :D

    Oeh!! Baby boy :D vampire baby boy?? is that Marie?