Oooouttaaaaakes! (Lovingly copied from Melissa's As the Romans Do Legacy.)

The saddest thing ever: "Cho... where's grandpa?"

Chris is sort of a pain in the ass. He made dumping his character very easy.

Cece's getting pretty boss at this photo thing, eh?

Yes. Arthur had kids. So far two girls with Ella Sapphire (David's older sister). Here he is with Kalilah. His other daughter is younger, named Malissa and has her grandmother Erisia's dark hair.

Cynthia popped out a baby boy, then proceeded to get knocked up 6 hours later by a different man and later had a little girl. I know the girl's name is Leanne. Can't for the life of me remember the other one's name.

Also pregnant, Cynthia's younger sister Christine. (Ambrosine is in the background sleeping)

Speaking of Ambrosine... here's River pregnant with baby number 4.

The Sabo-Enmity family. Or at least the parents and their youngest, Benjamin.

The whole family a while later. (L -> R) Rex, Kennis, Nagina and baby #4, Garland and Benjamin.

Russel Devlish. Vampiric son of Chale Enmity and Medina Devlish.

Aleksey Smith. Son of Rachel and Niles Smith. Who I know realize I have never actually talked about. Funny cause I have a few photos of them. O_o

The Quill-Archer twins. Ambroisine and Andromeda.

Edward Dennis-Cornett. Sybil and Hayley's youngest.

Erika von Hagen. Bea and Ethan's youngest.

Keisha Dennis-Enmity. Daughter of Dennis Dennis-Enmity and Crissy (Hayley and Sybil's daughter).

Leroy Porter-Mason. Son of Joy Porter and Damie Mason.

Rex Sabo-Enmity. Son of Nagina and Kennis. Can we just take a moment to look at how profound his surname sounds? (In Spanish "Sabo" is similar to the word for knowing or knowledge)

Teen Tacia von Hagen. Daughter of Cynthia and Marion Mason-Cage. Holy shit she's hot.

Tam Luz-Cagley. Son of Pia and Morand.

Christopher von Hagen. Only son of Bea and Ethan.

Moises Smith. Oldest son of Rachel and Niles. They had four. I laugh at the numbers of kids families have been having since my "average number of children" is set to 2.

Judith Porter-Mason. Daughter of Joy Porter and Damie Mason.

Bret Luz-Porter. Son of Faith Cagley(Luz) and Aden porter. (Aden being the youngest of the Porter family)

Antone Dennis-Cagley. Hey look. Another Dennis. (Sybil and Hayley's first son)

Cho has the asian trait. I keep making her eat salad for the luls. <3

Gosh I love this kid. <3

Also blonde: Dewey Devlish. The son of Medina Devlish and Chale Enmity.

Syb and her youngest... whose name always escapes me. I swear its like Bob or something.

Syb and Hayley have horses for the neighbourhood pet adoption.


Aden Porter (The youngest) is dating Crissy Dennis-Cornett. <3 They'll have blonde babies!

Flying! (On the trampoline)

Pia and her son with Morand not long after Morand's death. Their son is named Tam.

I THINK this is with baby number 3... but it might be number 4. Not really sure.

"Books are awesome!"

"... Gina we're on a trampoline. Do a flip or something. Stop being such a nerd."

David doesn't like babysitting. (Martin Sapphire. He's friggin precious)

David's Evil AND grumpy. He's enemies with over half the town. Hayley gave birthday the day prior but even she isn't safe from his wrath.

Ethan fanservice <3

Hayley and her baby boy, Antone. I love how both the Dennis-Cornett kids inherited Hayley's hair.

Morand had to turn elder before Pia would let him impregnate her. I can't remember if they have a girl or boy but I'll find out and edit this in later.

... Sybil stop.

David's dad is sort of an a$$****. If he isn't reading he's scaring people.

I hate the tats EA supplied for the game and I since I rolled "tattoo addict" a LOT for this legacy I downloaded a bunch of custom ones. Please allow sexy shirtless Aarun to model some of them for us.

Adult Cecile and teen Faith. Aren't they cute?

"... Cecile won't miss his couch...."  >_ >

Jake's "gang". Traxius Sapphire's a bookworm, Hayley gets into fights with EVERYBODY and Thaddaeus is lazy. How she's managed to never get picked up by the police escapes me. (I'm serious. She's never been arrested)

Rachel <3. I've been playing around with an idea for her and Niles so I'm glad they're finally reproducing and having babies. I'ma be keeping a close eye on them.

Seriously guys. I love Malinda. <3

Adult Cecile is just so handsome. I never got to really appreciate him in Redhead's Legacy because Faith's adorableness took over everyone's attention.

So Sybil and Hayley moved next door after the Sabos moved. They threw a party the first night and everyone attended. I got some photos but they never made it into the story. I had this cute scene between Crissy and Nadira planned out... but then I realized I hadn't made a decision on Crissy's personality yet so I let it slide.

Hayley's a thief. I <3 her.

Hayley does NOT approve of Bea's clevage.

Ethan and teen Cynthia.

... NOPE. NO THIS ISN'T HAPPENING. They broke up a day later but still man, freakin killed me.

Child Crissy Dennis-Cornett (Daughter of Sybil and Hayley). In game her parents are expecting another child... finally. I want their genes!

Meet Erisia Sapphire. Her grandfather was the Emperor of Evil, her husband is well on his way. She had three children (Ella, David and a newborn boy named Martin). She is probably mu favourite sim ever strictly looks wise. I think she's beautiful. Her name comes from the root name "Eris" the goddess of Discord/Chaos. Erisia's only trait of note is "bitch".

Erisia's oldest, Ella. She's sort of adorable and dated Chale for a while. They they broke up after he graduated. I think he fathered a kid with Medina Devlish (Eew).

Bea and Ethan. <3 Love these two. They're the only couple that doesn't fight.

Sybil fanservice.

Sheridan fanservice.

Sheridan fanservice + his son Kennis (... At least I think this one's Kennis).

Dennis Enmity (... At least I think this one's Dennis).

So right off the bat Cecile started dating Aalia Porter. They broke up not long after. I think its cause he realized how similar his girlfriend and sister look.


I'm surprised these two didn't get along better actually. They're both crazy neurotics.

Thinkin' 'bout babies. He and Pia married a few days into the legacy but no kids yet.

Claire Mason. She and her husband's family are one of the founding families but I totally forgot to include them in the list... anyway she lives/lived with her husband Damie, her husband's brother Michael, and her son Edmund... and she's currently pregnant with her husband's brother. She ends up divorcing her husband after the "red haired baby" incident and married Ethan Cage after becoming pregnant with HIS baby. (She's kind of a slut... I wasn't trying for that)

Three pregnant ladies all in a row! (And pregnant Louna was in the next room over)

Sheridan! <3 ... Why are you wearing a shirt? (He and Louna have twin boys. Kennis and Dennis. I am not even joking. That's what SP named them.)

Hayley and her daughter Crissy.

The ol' gang... admit it. You wish you were Jakelene. (L -> R : Michael Mason, Jake, Thaddaeus and Sheridan)

Neverglade version teen Chale. I'm... I'm kind of in love.

The ol' gang... little girl version. (L -> R : Joy Porter, Faith Cagley, Cynthia VonHagen)

... I ain't including Aarun's tats in chapters unless he's topless or in his skimpies or something. So there.

Aarun is looking for clues on Louna's missing car. Sybil shows up and he instantly goes into stakeout mode towards her. There's just something about those Dennis kids...

"Haaayleeey. Crissy's cryyying. What do I do?"


... So Samuel is a retired emperor of evil. His son in law's life goal is to be the next one and is well on his way to that goal (Which is why I'm just referring to him as the next Emperor of Evil in the actual legacy). WHY is Ethan talking to him?

... Me thinks Sybil's goanna kick Aarun's ass. She could totally take him too.


  1. Man... you weren't kidding about Sybil. Cheese and rice; she really likes your founders. LOL.

    Also, the picture of Joy, Faith, and Cynthia is adorable.

  2. LOL @ Sheridan's sons' names. I guess that's what happens when his father isn't around to name his spawn for him.